Butterfly Orgasm

The journey to the womb of Divine Mother, a plant consciousness, a butterfly heart, and to the underground; the warm heart of our mother earth
October 21st, 2018 BY BAHAREH KARAMIFAR

It is past midnight. I’m Lying in the bed spooning my partner Deepayan’s back. my womb touching his spine as he sleeps. My cosmic friend, Rachel, who had come to visit me for the weekend is in the living room with her boyfriend. Whenever I meet her, time stops, we see shooting stars together and there is so much magic in the air.  In this lifetime, I ‘ve known her since summer solstice 2015.

I am still feeling the energy created by our sweet deep conversations at the dinner table. Deepayan, I and Rachel had many conversations about all my favorite subjects; New Earth, alternative economy, alternative architecture, and communities, organic farms, permaculture, cryptocurrency, creation, god, black holes, how Deepayan and I met and so on. I am feeling that these conversations opened me up to many portals.  And I am still strongly feeling Rachel’s beautiful energy around me. Feeling all these powerful energies around me does not let me sleep.

lying down in silence of the night, the energies are inviting me to follow them deep into my heart and let them guide me. I am listening deeply to whatever is arising with no resistance. I can feel Rachel’s energy strongly. Her beautiful feminine energy, which is very familiar to me, is blooming in my heart and guiding me to feel it.

feeling her in my heart, inside my womb, a subtle vibration comes into existence. it starts vibrating as a butterfly flipping her wings creating subtle waves of orgasm. These orgasmic waves are softly emanating from deep inside my womb, like radio frequencies and embracing my whole body.

I am in full receptivity, in full surrender, vibrating in love frequency. I let myself to be fully washed in these waves of love. as I am drunk in the purest, the most joyful state that I have ever experienced. It is my origin. I am innocent, fully loved, inside the Mother’s womb..I can feel my womb is awakening into her divinity. .


I am feeling Rachel and I as twin cells next to each other in the pre – born state. it looks like we are inside the dark womb of the Divine Mother. we are love drunk, embraced with her love. I remember my eternal love for her. our endless love from the beginning of our creation.


I can feel her and I together. We are plants. I am into the consciousness of a plant.  I can feel how the magical connection of a plant with earth is, and how the cells inside a plant feel each other.


I am feeling that I am a seed inside the mother earth, filled with her love, and ready to sprout and grow. This sprouting state is super joyful, it is with full surrendering to her love. orgasmic waves of love are the force that inspires me to blossom. Blooming is my most natural state. I am blossoming within her love; in the orgasmic vibration created by our connection; the orgasm that I can feel in surrendering to her love. we are forever lovers.


I am feeling I am a butterfly on a flower, feeling the magic created in our connection. I am feeling the pure love and orgasm we feel by contacting each other. I am feeling the waves of ecstatic orgasm that flows between a flower and butterfly.

I see Rachel’s energy as a reflection of the feminine aspect of my soul, connection to her energy made me remember and unite with that aspect of my soul more deeply. It took me back to the origin of our soul as cells in the womb of Mother, to remember and feel her eternal love. Her womb acts as a mirror portal for my womb.

I experienced Butterfly Orgasm again on May 22 , 2019 on the fifth day of my cycle.  I was lying on my bed resting and meditating while recovering from a cold, observing the flow of energy blooming in my forehead flowing down to my womb. Once again I felt the vibrations starting deep inside my womb as I experienced the most primal essence of my being. I traveled to the time when I was an egg inside the womb of our Divine Cosmic Mother (cosmo), in Timelessness, in infinity, filled with love and fully dissolved into the ecstatic orgasm frequencies. To the time when I was created within the forces of love and orgasm.

Interestingly, in a woman’s cycle between day five and seven is the time when just one follicle continues growing while others stop growing and are absorbed back into the ovary. Follicles are one of the most intrinsic, primal parts of a woman’s reproductive system. They contain immature eggs; they are the beginning of the journey of maturing the egg, birthing life and creation.

I painted this after having the deep orgasm experience I had that night. I called this experience Butterfly Orgasm since my experience felt like a butterfly flipping her wing inside my womb creating waves and waves of ecstasy and love which took me to the pre-born state, to the womb of our source Mother.

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