Sacred Triangle

Tantra with an ancient Douglas fir

Ambling down the swirling trail in a blazing afternoon summer, while still wet from soaking in the fiery springs of Gaia.I can see three ancient Douglas fir gloriously neighboring each other and forming a sacred triangle on the ground.

Their majestic beauty, a sense of strong magic, the feeling of the spirit that dwelt within them, and me always been drawn to the number three, make me sit down in the center of the triangle and close my eyes, inhaling and exhaling softly.

In less than minutes, three beautiful tree goddesses have embraced me, caressing my heart with their inviting love, calling me to open my heart to them.

Inspired by an inner impulse, a deep listening to their whisper, I find my unveiled body pressed on hers, my face sunk into her skin breathing in her intense fruity scent. I can feel her craggy, ridged skin pressed upon my nipples, and my next breath going in, a little deeper.I suck her intense aroma deep into my womb to awaken the sensations in the spot where my yoni is touching her furry skin, where a pleasurable vibration birthing into existence, traveling to my nipples, creating a triangle, on top of which my heart is expanding, vast, infinite, with no end. I feel all my sensations curling on my skin, entwining with my heart merged with her heart, and rapid throbbing an inch inside my belly button.

Drops of heavenly pleasure crawling down my limbs.

What is my blog page about?

My blog is about the frequent experiences I have with etheric realm of magic and mystery interwoven with our physical world,my journey to the realm of heart,my experiences of deep orgasmic connection, intimacy and love with aspects of my own soul, my inner lover(s) and other beings of high vibrations, who I perceive as expansive aspect of my own consciousness,the realms I see and connect to energetically through deep listening, through my whole body and sensitivity to subtle energies, through portals of heart, womb, inner eye and every single cell,the...

About me

I trace the beginning of my current spiritual awakening to 2015 when I was introduced to White tantric/Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. My regular practice of Kundalini yoga and associated breathing exercises gave me an understanding of the ways of “energy flow” and opened my “Kundalini channel”. From 2015 to 2018, I explored various healing modalities and meditation techniques such as Chi gong and Vipassana as well as worked with shamans and plant medicines. Chi-gong further enhanced my understanding of the ‘energy flow”. Vipassana taught me that every...

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"Enchantment of The Feminine Heart For New Earth" is an art project and a part of my vision of the New Earth. This is my attempt at restoring the “missing” role of the sacred feminine in history, particularly in relation to religious practices. I couldn’t agree more with Nancy Qualls-Corbett as she explores the loss of reverence for goddess over time.  "With the advent of patriarchal religion and the consequent loss of reverence for the goddess, the conscious development of women was significantly blocked. Slowly she began to worship gods...
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