Intimacy In the Age of Crystal Races

-The New Golden Age on earth
November 9th, 2021 BY BAHAREH KARAMIFAR

What is intimacy? According to the English dictionary, intimacy means closeness.

Intimacy can have so many different levels,  … some people might consider the physical act of sexual intercourse as intimacy, where the bodies are close. A little deeper level of intimacy is when the minds of two people are close as well, and even deeper than that is when the souls are close -like soulmate and twin flame relationships. These relationships are where souls that come from the same source or are of the same soul group, are reunited.  In these relationships we feel our whole being and our essence is revealed.

Many of us know that All our experiences on the outside are the reflection of our inner world. When we are intimate with ourselves, in all the three aspects, the body, the mind and the soul. Only then can we attract these deeper levels of intimacy into our life.  We need to start from intimacy within ourselves. How intimate, HOW close we are, with our own soul, body and mind. Have we seen all who we are? We need to know, to what depths, we have seen ourselves in.

This intimacy with ourselves can expand infinitely. To the point where we are in the sacred reunion with all the different divine aspects of our own soul consciousness.

This level of intimacy, I believe, is the intimacy in the Age of Crystal Races. It is the sacred reunion of us with our avatar-bodies. Reunion of all different aspects of our own soul consciousness . In this process we embody the divine essence of our own etheric superhuman bodies, the essence of our inner deities, our sacred, divine supernatural beings.

Each of these  inner deities or Divine qualities, has its own unique, soft subtle vibrations. Vibrations of a higher dimension, of divine frequencies.

These divine frequencies have always existed, but the difference is, In the age of crystal races, with the sacred reunion with these qualities, we will bring these frequencies into our physical bodies, while we live here on earth.  

This is the embodiment of our goddess qualities, while we are in a physical form .We can embody as many as these qualities. AND are not limited to just one. We can expand and embrace as many aspects of our own consciousness as we want,

As many of you have observed, Our Consciousness, our crown chakra is symbolized by a thousand petals lotus. I visualize each petal as one of our avatar bodies, a divine quality, an archetypal energy. By embodying more and more of these avatars , we are expanding our consciousness to the full spectrum, to reach its own rainbow colors and be again the full bloomed lotus with infinite petals. The complete universe, that each of us is. To be a superhuman, which unfortunately is seens as unattainable in the present ear, was the normal way that humans were  in the Golden age  and will be so again in near future.  

NOW You may be thinking, How do I embody these avatar bodies?. Well, In order to embody any energy, any light being in the fullest, know that the ultimate form of embodiment comes with the ultimate form of intimacy. We need to have an intimate relationship with them. The ultimate closeness. You might ask what is the ultimate closeness? It is When we are, ONE, with something. When the ego dissolves the mind dissolves into the heart space, Then our essence is united with another in the alchemical process of merging in the vibration of love, and orgasm. One’s chakras are synced with the other, their kundalini energies intertwine, synchronized and rising together. The etheric bodies in complete embrace and interlocked, intertwined within each other in the highest vibration of love, washed by orgasmic frequencies.  Then we will be one.  You are One.    

This process, where our energetic body gets reunited with our soulmate’s energetic body and we experience eternal love, that we have always seeked. Some texts call it “kundalini awakening ”’.With this process we can get reunited with each of our avatar bodies at an energetic level.

This way to embody our avatar bodies requires purity of intention and heart, and the desire to be “one” with your avatar body. To bring this unique frequency of love and light, of your avatar, into your physical body.  

This process is through etheric intimacy, sacred union, alchemical process of love and transcendent orgasm.

As we practice this path, from our root chakra, these two etheric bodies will start merging. First the base energy, the sexual energies of both bodies will merge, This merge in the cervix area would create a vortex, an energy source that is vibrating.  This vibration will create waves and waves of oragasmic frequency. The vibration then moves upwards towards the heart chakra, where an immense amount of love is generated, creating an expansive bubble of love around you. You will feel the energy circulating from the base chakra to your heart. From one’s heart chakra to the other’s heart and to the base and circulating continues. Energy moves in circles. All the chakras are synced and from the base to the “divine gateway chakra”… and You will experience an expansion of all your higher chakras and a new world will open up. Illuminated, like thousands of divine sun, in these higher chakras areas. Each person’s experience is different based on what avatar you are merging with and who you are, in your unique expression. Your consciousness is expanded immensely to the realms of light, love,  and soft frequencies. Higher frequencies of love and light will illuminate your higher consciousness. When you are merged with your new higher consciousness, and have embodied these frequencies into your physical body you will experience the softest , purest, vibrations washing your whole being.  

In this process of embodying our avatar bodies we learn and experience how to have the deepest intimacy and love with ourselves and all elements in the universe. We can call them light beings, magical beings, elementals, spirit of a tree, a river, mother earth and so on.  They are a part of us. 

The sooner more and more people embody these soft frequencies, the sooner we will manifest the golden age on earth. We are empowered , we don’t necessarily need a physical partner to experience this amount of love and intimacy. if we are desiring a true lover in the physical form, This practice magnifies us, to attract the one aligned with our truest self.

Crystals can help in this process. A crystal related to an avatar will act as a portal, a mediator, and a transmuter to help us in this process. I will expand on the role of crystals in another article.

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