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In this post I will talk about "what is the lover archetype" in its full spectrum and what happens when you fully embody this archetype. I will share my perspective and experience on the Lover archetype, explain how expansive the Lover archetype can be and to what extent it can grow.

As someone, for whom the lover archetype has been one of the strongest archetypes for my entire life, I really feel excited to share my viewpoint on it. 

I will start by quoting Euvie Ivanova in the Future Thinkers podcast( on “The Lover- Feminine Archetype of Love, Beauty & Creativity”

‘Lover archetype in her fullest , she wants to live her life fully, she wants to experience everything deeply and intensely, passionately and giving it all, she enjoys life in its full extend,  it is very pure, it is not pathological , lover in her fullest wants to connect to people deeply, have deep intimacy and being in companionship with others, she wants to explore , it is very playful, innocent, she has n’t become jaded by the social norms yet by repression, by other people’s ideas about how a young woman’s sexuality should be like, she is still in the exploration phase. The energy of the lover is very expansive, she does n’t have strong boundaries, she does n’t care about boundaries, more expression, more feeling, more joy, more beauty. It is very open, unconditional, unboundarious. it is about mutual fun, enjoyment and exploration. Sexual energy is the same as creative energy, people with embodiment of the lover archetype are very creative people, they are artists and creators. they are great inspirations for the one who they connect deeply with, encouraging them to do great things’

I really resonate with it. It’s pretty precise.  I would like to expand on this explanation based on my own personal experience and understanding of the Lover Archetype. 

Embodying the lover archetype in the fullest, you will embody your most soft, sensual, beautiful Nature which is open and vulnerable to explore and connect to others on a very deep level. You will be innocent and playful in heart, mind and action. Being innocent is not the same as being naive. Innocence is our soul wisdom. Being innocent means that Your heart has kept its purity and it has not been jaded by society’s concept of love and relationship, no matter how old you are. You want the best for the ones you connect to. You want to see their hearts, open and happy. You want to see them liberated and free. The lover, in her fullest expression, will awaken her partner into their divine quality. She is the channel for her lover to divine frequencies and love. Since she has already embodied or is in the process of embodiment of all these higher frequencies and eternal love. She energetically inspires her partner to his greatness, and his full soul potential. The embodiment of the lover archetype makes her a great manifesters. She knows how to use sexual energy to manifest her soul dreams and visions.

When we talk of others and connect to them while embodying this lover archetype, we really need to be aware of what the “other” could be and that Connection to others could expand to very different levels, from human relationship to non-human and ethereal. In some sense the Other will be You, there will be no other.  This “other” could be interpreted as a different aspect of your own soul, a reflection of your own heart and consciousness. On the other hand, at times, it is helpful to see a reflection of yourself as an “other”,  triggering you, encouraging you to open yourself to Love and higher frequencies. At times we need an outside source, a mirror, to remind us that we are loved and to open our hearts to explore these higher states of connection and consciousness. The other would enter your world to activate a part of you that needs activation and further exploration. We should always remember that the other is not a person in essence, nor should they be viewed outside of ourselves. 

When you embody the Lover archetype, your sexual energy channel is pure and flowing. It is not blocked by suppression, fear, the society’s idea of what sex and sexuality is, by porn, or by any projections of mind. It is connected to the source of pure primal Shiva energy, in its own pure, authentic origin, unadulterated from what we have learnt from social norms and ideas. Your womb has awakened to its divinity. You are magnetizing the pure vibrations of love and orgasm. As you embody this lover archetype and your womb is re-connected to its source, to the cosmic womb, these vibrations might cause arousal and desire in people around you. You can think of it as a wake up call, an opportunity for them to be comfortable in these aroused sensations, and sit with it in meditation, in love and openness to feel these vibrations, channel their sexual energy upward to their heart chakra and experience divine love and higher state of consciousness. And channel it in creative projects. The arousal is the spark of the life force, a Potential which is awakening inside you. It is not a call for the urge to have sex, or masterbation or ejaculation or rape, or to be scared and shameful, or be angry and blame someone else for why they feel arousal.  There is nothing wrong with having or desiring sex, but any associated shame or guilt is another block to attract true love but that is the subject for another article.

Lover archetype is about both heart and sexual energy. It is about both love and orgasm. There is no separation between these two forces. Orgasm does not Equals Sex, nor it is only achieved through sexual activity. Orgasm is a state of being. It is a frequency, a vibration similar to how Love is also a frequency, a vibration. 

You can expand on and explore these transcendent orgasm states, not only with your divine counterpart, your human lover, but also with your own inner lovers.You can explore love and connections with higher dimensional frequencies and ethereal beings, the spirit of a tree, elemental beings, faeries, dragons, spirit of a river, in being a lover of Goddess earth, star energies, spirit of a deer and so on. There is no limit. The expansion and exploration in Love is limitless. The joy of connections is limitless. The fun and play is limitless, since the exploration of the self is limitless. But it is only achievable if the heart is pure, young, beautiful and open to receive all this eternal love available to us and to give it back. This process is a deep mystical love between you and different aspects and qualities of your own consciousness as you integrate these qualities within your conscious body. 

And Of course, we can experience love with other humans on different levels as well. It is all up to us, what we desire and what level of love and intimacy we want to explore.

This type of connection happens beyond the physical. It does not follow the same ideas and norms of two people having sex or what has been imposed on us, about sexuality in pornography. It is not Sex or related to Sex. It is the alchemical process of merging your own inner essence with the essence and spirit of, for example, a tree. It is the expansion of your own consciousness. It is not an “affair” which is a low-vibration word for the concept of Tantric Love. If you have a human partner they are going to experience all these ethereal vast connections and love through you.  

The ultimate, higher level of love, in my experience ,is what I call the Butterfly Orgasm state. It is when we are one with our divine creator. When our essence is dissolved in her love while orgasmic frequencies and vibrations move through all our being. This state is the destination where there is no movement or desire left. We are at Home.   

This drawing is related to the swan fairy race, who is related to the rainbow quartz crystal, which I channeled when I was in India. She is a representation of the Lover archetype. 


I would like to talk about the shadow side of the lover archetype and my experience on this in another post. 

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