the deity of water in the Holy Vedas

Apas means Waters; the deity of water in the Holy Vedas. ‘She gives heroic inner strength through purity and softness. It activates our creative juices & skills to attain success. Embodying Apas energy allows us to be an appealing powerful popular leader. Our strength and flexibility helps us to overcome any obstacles. It gives us desire and will to merge with the greater power of the cosmic ocean . it brings us heavenly health & joy.’ 1

1  27 Stars, 27 Gods: The Astrological Mythology of Ancient India, DICARA, VIC; KISHOR, VRAJA

In this painting, the source of the divine water is inside her womb. This source represents the self-replenishing Soma, Amrita, which is the source of life, pure energy of yin. The waters in their etheric sense is the pure divine energy flowing from the source giving life and purity to everything and everyone who has opened their chi channel to receive it.

The deities from the Vedas are natural forces, they are beyond form or any race or EVEN any celestial race, they are universal/galactic forces that existed before the existence of any race in the universe. 

The energies That I channel are from the time when they existed on this earth during the Golden Age, in the times of Lemuria. My painting is a partial representation of a universal energy which is beyond our comprehension. For Example , it is impossible to bring the entire energy of Vishnu on earth in a physical form. Avatars of Vishnu, were the embodiment of the essence of Vishnu, to the extent it is possible for this energy to be present on earth.   Rama was one the Vishnu’s avatars who was one of the Kings of the Solar dynasty- which was during the times of Satya yuga, and Krishna, one of the kings of the Lunar dynasty existed during the times of Treta yuga. These beings were the embodiment of that energy as the earth’s energetic frequency/capacity would have allowed. 

Now these energies are coming back to earth as the earth is shifting into a five dimensional being again. Some Vedic avatars like Krishna and Rama are from my ancestry-line and came from the star Vega. They are the blue race beings. They had pale blue skin and they brought certain energy codes/DNA to the Earth.

This version of Apas who reminds me of Beings from Vega is the representation of the divine water energy that existed in the times of Satya yuga, When Earth was Like Heaven. When Humans embodied these energies within their physical body. 

As we are going towards the New Golden Age, more and more people will embody these energies, integrating it in their body while living on earth.

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My blog is about the frequent experiences I have with etheric realm of magic and mystery interwoven with our physical world,my journey to the realm of heart,my experiences of deep orgasmic connection, intimacy and love with aspects of my own soul, my inner lover(s) and other beings of high vibrations, who I perceive as expansive aspect of my own consciousness,the realms I see and connect to energetically through deep listening, through my whole body and sensitivity to subtle energies, through portals of heart, womb, inner eye and every single cell,the...

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I trace the beginning of my current spiritual awakening to 2015 when I was introduced to White tantric/Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. My regular practice of Kundalini yoga and associated breathing exercises gave me an understanding of the ways of “energy flow” and opened my “Kundalini channel”. From 2015 to 2018, I explored various healing modalities and meditation techniques such as Chi gong and Vipassana as well as worked with shamans and plant medicines. Chi-gong further enhanced my understanding of the ‘energy flow”. Vipassana taught me that every...

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"Enchantment of The Feminine Heart For New Earth" is an art project and a part of my vision of the New Earth. This is my attempt at restoring the “missing” role of the sacred feminine in history, particularly in relation to religious practices. I couldn’t agree more with Nancy Qualls-Corbett as she explores the loss of reverence for goddess over time.  "With the advent of patriarchal religion and the consequent loss of reverence for the goddess, the conscious development of women was significantly blocked. Slowly she began to worship gods...
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