What does an Avatar mean in post Vedic Literature? What do I mean by Avatar bodies?

What does it look like when we embody Krishna’s consciousness within our physical body?

According to  “A Sanskrit-English Dictionary” by Monier Williams, the Sanskrit word Avatar means “descent, alight” [1] and refers to the embodiment of the essence of a superhuman being, a deity, or a divine energy and essence in the physical form. The word also implies “to bring down, to cross something”[1]. In Hindu traditions, the “crossing or coming down” is symbolism, as stated by Daniel Bassuk, of the divine descent, from “eternity into the temporal realm, from unconditioned to the conditioned, from infinitude to finitude”.[2]

A deity or god is a supernatural being considered divine or sacred. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines deity as “a god or goddess (in a polytheistic religion)”, or anything revered as divine.

One school of researchers believe that the term avatar in Hinduism refers to the act of various gods taking form to perform a particular task, which in most of the times is bringing dharma back. According to Mercy Amba Oduyoye [3], an avatar is the material appearance or incarnation of a deity on earth. Then there are others that disagree. Noel Sheth in “Hindu Avatāra and Christian Incarnation: A Comparison”[4] states that Avatars are true embodiments of spiritual perfection, one driven by noble goals, as we can see in Hindu traditions such as Vaishnavism. An avatar state is the supreme manifestation of the divine in a physical body.

When I am referring to Avatar Bodies I am referring to the state of the full embodiment of our divine essence within our physical body while we are here on earth. The embodiment of the essence of our inner superhuman being or sacred inner deities, our god and goddess qualities within our physical body. As the earth’s frequency shifts, our bodies also shift to a greater capacity to embody softer and softer frequencies within. I believe based on my personal experiences and the visions that I receive through channeling of the Past and Future Human, that we are able to embody all of our divine qualities through practical methods of meditation, feeling and embracing our body sensations, purifying our kundalini channel and divination. By opening our hearts to the infinite divine love, embracing and loving our body, all our emotions, sensations and our life in this physical realm, we will gradually open the portals to our Inner Divine Qualities and would see the Divine in everything and everyone and feel them as aspects of our own consciousness.    

We are not limited to just one divine energy or quality. We can expand and embrace as many aspects of our consciousness as we desire. Our Crown chakra is symbolized as a thousand petal lotus, where each petal is related to one of our divine qualities AKA an avatar state of being.

As we go toward the future we will embody these divine qualities to a bigger and bigger extent, until eventually our DNA changes and we literally become divine beings walking on Earth.  

Our body also will vibrate at a higher frequency than the frequencies that exist on earth now and would not be the same as we have today.

This figure in my drawing is the representation of a consciousness coming back to earth. He is Krishna.

-A part of my soul-group consciousness, he is one of my very close inner guides who always inspires me to continue my work here on earth. In some way he is the male version of me, an aspect of my own soul, a part of the divine masculine aspect of my soul that I had abandoned a while ago due to trauma. This Krishna’s energy is close to the Krishna consciousness as described in Mahabharata.

He is very close and dear to my heart. I have great love for Him and see him as a part of me. HE is Me. His energy has always been with me. I felt his energy and presence in my heart space,  in India during meditation  and started drawing him. and bringing his energy, and soul qualities into a human form

He is very intelligent, super strategic, warm hearted, loving, wise, a best friend and advisor.  He exemplifies a perfect balance of masculine and feminine qualities with a sharp minded and super awareness of his inner and outer environment, including his emotional body and all his bodily sensations. He is soft and embraces his sensuality.  He is very comfortable and at peace with his body. He feels his body as a portal to his divine qualities. He has embodied the wholeness of his being from physical to the non physical.

Since I drew him I started to integrate that aspect of my soul within. I can feel  that a new consciousness has been merged and integrated within my energy field. A part of my Dream is to see more and more people like him around me and on planet Earth.



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Krishna, 2022, pencil on paper and digital collage, 8 x 11 inch

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