What is the First Step to Embody our Avatar Body-

Opening our heart and mind to the idea that we can embody our inner avatars- while living here on Earth.

One of the first steps to embodying our Avatar body is to believe that we are inherently Divine and eternally loved. To be receptive to the idea that we are not separated or less than the great avatars and divine beings that have existed on Earth or other dimension. Examples of such avatars are Krishna, Rama, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, mother Mary, Quin yin, Buddha, and so on. When we open our heart and mind to the idea that everything in this universe is a part of us, and an aspect of our consciousness, we open ourselves to embody our avatar bodies , our divine selves, while we live in our body on earth.

I would like to start with the story of Mansour Hallaj who was a Persian mystic poet and a teacher of sufism. He is best known for his saying “I am the Truth” or “ I am God” . As you may know people at his time didn’t grasp what he meant by that, they took his word as an anti-god , atheist statement, which resulted in his execution. However He was only claiming his divinity by saying that statement.  

In order to really integrate our avatar bodies within our physical body; in order to connect and embody anything, we need to see them as equal to us. An equal partner, friend or a lover and eventually US. When we put something on a pedestal and worship and admire it, it is because they have qualities that our soul deeply seeks and desires to embody. We inherently have these qualities. Similar to the concept that if we put someone on a pedestal and wish to be their romantic partner or a friend it is impossible to achieve that since we are not seeing ourselves as an equal to them. We only get to admire, worship or follow them. 

Everyone has a Krishna avatar, a Durga avatar, a Ganesh avatar or any of the angel’s, as our avatar, Dragon avatar, we have infinite avatar bodies. These avatar bodies are divine aspects of our own consciousness. The potentials we have within our souls. by embodying them we are expanding our consciousness to its full bloomed Lotus state. Each avatar has a general quality and frequency, this quality for everyone would resonate, and each has a unique quality that is based on the uniqueness of our soul blueprint. Everyone, for example, has a Krishna Avatar, not all of our Krishna avatars would be the exact same but they have common qualities. If we put these sacred deities on the pedestal, as someone and something out of our reach, unachievable, unattainable, we can never embody these higher frequencies into our physical bodies, yes their divine energy is definitely an inspiration for us to integrated these higher vibrations in our evolution journey, but we should not look at them as someone or something that we can never reach. Since we inherently have these qualities within our soul, We should know we all have these inert qualities in us and we can actively bring and integrate these qualities in our body everyday while experiencing Joy and love , fun , play and magic in the process.

One way to start with and get closer to the idea of embodying our avatar bodies, that works for me, is to see them from the eyes and purity of our inner child, we can see them as our best childhood friend, a friend that we TRULY love ,a mutual love, when you play with them you will be fully engaged, dissolved in the moment, you feel a lot of joy, fun, happiness and love. You really love hanging out with them. Imagining baby Ganesh is playing with your child version, you are best friends. Very close, you both equally love playing with each other as much. You have tons of fun with each other. And your hearts are smiling, merging with each other in Divine Love and sweetness. 

Another way which allows a full integration is to see your avatar as your equal soul lover, a soulmate, an inner lover. You will merge with their energy fully, while all your chakras are synced and your kundalini energies circulate and merge together and rise to your higher chakras, you go to a transcendent orgasm state and experience an enlightened state of being and eternal love. In a way you’re merging, reuniting with the aspect of your soul that carries those qualities. 

Something that I unfortunately have seen a lot around, is that people don’t see it in themselves to experience any divine, magical events. They cannot see themselves to be that much loved , or they don’t see their purity and innocence to attract that much love and magic in their life. Acceptance is important and everyday we do something to get closer to attract a little more divine love and magic into our life. If we have the desire to do so. To be open to the idea that maybe they are magical, maybe they have an etheric eternal lover around them that would like to merge with them today. In this process we embody more and more self-love since we see how beautiful, divine and magical we are. 

This video is from the sketch I did for the Divine Child of New-earth who is Playing with an aspect of her own soul which is the Baby Ganesh creating creative star structures made out of light particles.

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