What does having a spiritual experience mean. ARE we going to have such a concept as Spirituality in the Future.

the Other interpretation of Vesica Piscis and its relationship to Jesus.

Having a spiritual experience is when we have an expanded sensory perspective of something. Viewing, seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling something in its full spectrum, in its Depth, in its wholeness. Embracing not only the surface level, but at the same time experiencing the deeper layers of matter which is spirit.

When we are having a spiritual experience, it means our perspective, perception and spectrum has changed and expanded. We are more aware and sensitive to what is happening at that moment. All our sensory experiences have deepened. Life has not changed but our perception has. We are having a wholesome experience.

However these momentary experiences still do not put us in the state of transcendence or full spiritual awakening. Full spiritual awakening implies full alignment of matter and spirit in all aspects of life. Full alignment of matter and spirit in all our chakras. An Expanded view-perception on all matters of life. When we have developed enough expansion of view, we will see things, as not separated but as interconnected, as One ,as reflections of ourselves, as aspects of ourselves. We can think of this as being in a state of ONENESS.

Meanwhile I quote the OXFORD DICTIONARY definition of awareness and consciousness: “Awareness means knowledge and perception of something. Consciousness means aware, awake , sensitive to”

Let’s start with an example. Similar to having a zoom lens on our eyes that allows us to see 10 meter far in detail, when we are having a spiritual experience we have a lens in our eye that enables us to see 1000 kilometers in detail.  We can keep acquiring better lenses. This process is infinite, there is no end to it. We can also use the example of our eye vs. eye + magnifying glass vs. eye + a microscope. With our bare eyes we can see certain things, with magnifying glass we see more details and with a microscope we see things that were impossible to see with our bare eyes or the magnifying glass. The point is we still need our eyes in order to see things in a microscope. If we didn’t have eyes we couldn’t see anything through the microscope either.

How can we achieve the integration of the deeper levels of life in the physical realm/while we are living on earth?  The answer is by embracing our earthly existence 100%.

By embracing and experiencing the matter and our physical existence on earth 100%.  If we deny, not paying attention to, not enjoying, loving our five senses, our body, earthly existence we are not going to be able to integrate deeper levels of the matter, life , or the spirit within our physical body. We are not going to be in the state of full awakening or transcendence and ascension .  

Some people might experience supernatural experiences, like astral projections, lucid dreaming, the experience of seeing other beings or realms of realities  but still not have integrated these experiences within their earthly existence and body. Which could be very damaging and not the topic of this post. If they have not achieved the full alignment of matter and spirit in all their chakras they are not spiritually awake. If they do not understand the interconnectivity between everything, they are not spiritually awake. I would like to expand on the alignment of matter and spirit in all chakras in a different post.

We cannot transcend, or be in full awareness of anything, if we have not fully embraced and experienced it. For example We cannot open our third eye if we don’t see things with our physical eyes in its wholeness. In pure observation, It means to fully merge with the experience of seeing. Seeing things as they are not based on preconceived ideas of mind or judgment. Literally see the ocean in an immersive experience of seeing exactly as the ocean is, in the moment we are looking at it.  To develop extra sensory experiences, or physic abilities we need to embrace our 5 bodily senses first. In the process of awakening, our five senses start acquiring more sensitivity. We see things, feel things, hear things in a new way. That is when spiritual and matter are intersecting, they have never been separated anyway. We start to get conscious by fully embracing our five senses, bodily sensations, going into the depth of things. When we are in pure observation, in the moment fully with them. When our vision, our senses, sensations are not blurred out, covered by the pre-conception, judgments of mind, we enter deeper layers or levels of realities that we could not see, hear, or feel before.  

Let’s have an example of Looking at a flower. In better words be with a flower, we are in pure observation of the flower with all our senses, we touch it and feel how it is felt, we smell it, look at all the details of it, maybe we taste it, we listen to it, with no preconception of what type of flower is, the things that we have learnt from the books or heard. we are with it, our extra sensory abilities will activate. we will understand the flower at a deeper level. we connect to the SPIRIT of the flower.  by smelling it, memories of some past lives might awaken, or we enter a parallel world, maybe in a fairy dimension, or it might give us a message about something, in other words the flower is communicating with us. We will be in a state of interrelation, interconnectivity between the flower and us. The flower is reflecting back an aspect of our own soul. We see an aspect of our spirit in the flower. We might experience a soft- beautiful aspect of us vibrationally though the connection with the flower that we had never experienced before. We might have an image with it, in our vision, of how this soft aspect of us would look like. The flower is not separated from us. In some way the flower is us.

There is a difference between when we are just experiencing our physical reality on its surface level-when we are not embracing it 100%-When our eye sight is weak. When we don’t experience the deeper layers. It is when we are experiencing the material world with no understanding of its connection to the spirit.  At the other side of the spectrum is when we use spirituality as an escape from our material experiences which I think should be called  “spirituality”. It could be a pretension of being spiritual to look cool, follow a trend or feel better about ourselves. Or attaching to religions as escape from our responsibilities ,of seeing ourselves as the creator of our realities. or experiencing the supernatural without full integration within our physical existence and body. Unfortunate Overuse of words like Love, Soulmates, Twin-flames, enlightenment, self-realized, without understanding them make them lose their value. Since they have been used without a deep connotation with our own soul experience.

the spiritual and material worlds are not separated, they have never been, they are different sides of the same coin. In some points of history, especially in Kali Yuga , we humans lost our connection, our perception changed, and we lost the embodied sensory awareness of things. That’s why religions were formed. Also the concept of ‘ spirituality”  got created, to bring awareness back. Unfortunately religion does not provide the tools for this embodied experiences of depth of matter. Which I don’t want to discuss in this article. It is impossible to just be spiritual, or just be materialistic. Since they are essentially, intrinsically the same. without embracing the matter there is no transcendence. It’s just us who have different perceptions and awareness of life and existence.

Interestingly, another meaning of Vesica Piscis is the Union of Opposites, union of Feminine and Masculine, dark and light, Earth and heaven. Spirit and Matter. Spirituality is the FULL INTEGRATION OF MATTER AND SPIRIT.  When we fully enjoy our material existence, our 5 senses, our body, our desires at the same time we are conscious of deeper realities. We experience life in its Wholeness. We have the full view, spectrum of it. Not just one, or partial view, and we are aware the view could always expand and there is more to feel and experience.

I believe the connotation of Vesica Piscis with Jesus shown sitting in the middle of Vesica Piscis. The existence of  “Mandorla” in numerous churches is related to the concept of the meeting of matter and spirit. His initial teaching that has been lost throughout history was the union of matter and spirit in all aspects of life.

In the future there would not be a concept of spirituality since the integration of matter-our earthly existence- and the experience of deeper levels of life will be the natural way of being. We will live in full integration of matter and our soul- WE live in wholeness.

There might always be some exceptions like a Saduh, who fully cut himself from the material world, which means they have cut their material desires. No spouse, no sexuality, no children…which is not my life experience, so I won’t talk about it. I’m talking to the people who still have their earthly desires and they actually live on earth.



Light Interpreter of ancient language, 2021, pencil on paper+digital work,  11 x 17 inches

This is a drawing of a person in my vision; the vision I had of a future community I was in with a couple of people surrounding me. One of the people was Him who was sitting underneath a tree while interpreting ancient languages. Interpretation was through channeling, downloading information from his higher mind and reading a book and writing information down. 

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