All inventions started with a vision, an imagination, a dream. In fact when we imagine something it means it already exists in our Group consciousness. Maybe it’s not yet in a tangible form or manifested in our physical reality, BUT in higher realms of mind of human consciousness, it already exists.

Before cellphones were created, people started to imagine it’s existence. They spoke of a phone which we can carry in our pockets. Leonardo Da Vinci predicted several inventions via his sketches  before their existence..like flying machines, helicopters and clocks.

That is the power of imagination. Without imagination, nothing would come to existence. The more people imagine a heaven on earth, the quicker we are going to manifest that.

We need to experience the heavenly frequencies first at an individual level in order to manifest more and more of it on earth. the more people embody these frequencies into their physical bodies we are already manifesting heaven on earth.

If we individually create our own heaven on earth ,the shift in the earth’s frequency will be eventually manifested into its material reality of a tangible new earth- 

The level of our dreams and imaginations are linked to the levels of Human consciousness. As human consciousness rises, dreams & imaginations are more aligned with the highest good of humanity. We will receive visions that are aligned with our higher selves which are aligned with the earth’s, and the rest of humanity’s higher selves. 

Crystal technology has been in my vision for a while. I have been working with crystals for the last 5 years. At some point I started to channel the beings related to each crystal which I call Crystal races. Each crystal-being, race, has a certain vibrational frequency which is very different from the vibrational frequency that most of us experience in our 3 d realms.  These frequencies are very harmonious, soft, they carry the highest frequency of love, joy, lightness, freedom, beauty. Words are not enough to describe these frequencies, unless we experience them ourselves we cannot really grasp them. My dream is to create a technology where people can experience these frequencies themselves. They can feel them through their bodily sensations . For example they feel the frequency of a tree spirit, a fairy, a frequency of a light being within their body in the highest vibration of love.  So they can embrace the deeper levels of life, the invisible realms of their own existence. They can reconnect to (the higher vibration of their soul. They can bring joy and the divine love experienced through these connections, into their own body. So They gradually will be the embodiment of these soft beautiful energies.

The way I currently use Crystal in my workshops is through my art and specific crystals which are energetically aligned with the vibration of each art.  

The art I have been creating is a more tangible form of higher frequencies, sacred deities and crystal races. I translated the frequencies of the crystals and the divine energies I have been working with into art, into human-like beings so people can connect to them in a more tangible way.  I re-created these beings in art so that we can connect and interact with them as our dearest , closest inner lovers. I see and feel them as my own inner lovers, as aspects of my own consciousness. 

Each art at the frequency level is matched and aligned with a crystal. The crystal carries the vibration of the sacred deity depicted in each art. The crystals have been activated two to 3 days prior to the workshop, in a ritualistic setting, by the divine energies of these beings, the star, the earth, the divine vibrations of my guides, ancestors, angels and star beings.  During the workshop people will work with a specific crystal and crystal race that they intuitively choose through an interactive play. Sometimes they are coupled with another person or in small groups while their body is in contact with each other. They go on a guided meditation journey to experience these divine beings as their inner lovers. They experience divine love, joy, expansion, soft orgasmic frequencies within their body. The guided meditation has been designed to awaken their kundalini, purify their chakras, open the heart ,so they can meet and merge with the divine beings, the avatars as their inner lover.

In order to experience these frequencies we need to awaken our sensitivity to subtle vibration, to circulation of chi , sexual energy in our body. During the workshop everyone to a certain extent can experience these vibrations.

Crystals act as a transmitter of these divine energies and greatly help in this process.

Everyone’s capacity, sensitivity is differ. Everyone could experience these frequencies to a certain degree by intention, by awakening the subtle body, by willing to embrace all their body sensations and emotions that comes with it, by purifying, alignment of all their chakras – opening the heart, and etc. I have been putting all the information together in writings and guided meditations for people who want to go through this process- All the techniques that I learnt through my own experience in addition to the research I have been doing that will help in this process. 

It might take years for the full awakening of the subtle body and alignment of all our chakras with our soul and heart , not everyone is willing to put in that much work. To be honest maybe not everyone is capable of doing that in one lifetime. Similarly to when people attend Vipassana, for some people it might take a lot longer than others to experience full dissolution into the vibration of their being, feeling/observing the vibration of their cellular level in their body. Some people might need to do it for life. Experience of love is another example, we can experience love on so many levels. We talk about love. We have our own perception of love based on our own experience of love.   

This is because some souls are more experienced than others. It means they have been reincarnated on earth and lived on other planets longer than others. It doesn’t mean they are better or worse.   they have more experience , or they might have different experiences. Everyone has developed certain experiences due to their soul path they have journeyed through. 

That’s why I believe that technology is very useful. Technology can make the process of healing and experiencing of these heavenly vibrations a lot easier, and the ascension process of human beings will accelerate.

These days my partner Dee and I are working on the proto-type of a device called the “Crystal Orgonatophone” that attempts to measure and transmit This Crystal races energy from one person to another using a dedicated app and the internet. The device uses similar technology as VoIP (voice over IP), to transfer subtle vibrations.

My heart dream is to see the manifestation of the crystal technology at a more advanced level so these vibrations can be fully transferred and experienced through human bodies and sensations and get integrated into human consciousness. 


Leonardo Da Vinci prediction in a form of a sketch of a flying machine- nowadays helicopter

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My blog is about the frequent experiences I have with etheric realm of magic and mystery interwoven with our physical world,my journey to the realm of heart,my experiences of deep orgasmic connection, intimacy and love with aspects of my own soul, my inner lover(s) and other beings of high vibrations, who I perceive as expansive aspect of my own consciousness,the realms I see and connect to energetically through deep listening, through my whole body and sensitivity to subtle energies, through portals of heart, womb, inner eye and every single cell,the...

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I trace the beginning of my current spiritual awakening to 2015 when I was introduced to White tantric/Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. My regular practice of Kundalini yoga and associated breathing exercises gave me an understanding of the ways of “energy flow” and opened my “Kundalini channel”. From 2015 to 2018, I explored various healing modalities and meditation techniques such as Chi gong and Vipassana as well as worked with shamans and plant medicines. Chi-gong further enhanced my understanding of the ‘energy flow”. Vipassana taught me that every...

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"Enchantment of The Feminine Heart For New Earth" is an art project and a part of my vision of the New Earth. This is my attempt at restoring the “missing” role of the sacred feminine in history, particularly in relation to religious practices. I couldn’t agree more with Nancy Qualls-Corbett as she explores the loss of reverence for goddess over time.  "With the advent of patriarchal religion and the consequent loss of reverence for the goddess, the conscious development of women was significantly blocked. Slowly she began to worship gods...
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