Another integral step toward embodiment of our avatar bodies


One of the very important steps towards embodying our avatar bodies is embracing our earthly existence, and the body we have been given in this life. In the previous article I mostly focused on embracing the five senses and expanded-sensory perspective of our outside world and its relation to the internal world. In this article I will focus on the internal senses and feelings. 

When we talk about “embracing Body”, it means feeling all our bodily sensations, emotions and memories which are linked to the sensations and stored in our cellular body. By feeling all our sensations and emotions stored in the body we will eventually feel the subtle vibrations of the life force circulating within us – which is a key step in order to Embody our Avatar Bodies and our full divine potential. There are techniques that can help us achieve this faster. Circulation of kundalini-life force purifies our body, mind and energy field. It will remove all the blockages we might have from social norms and conditioning, trauma and pain.  When we open our kundalini channel to circulation of pure sexual energy within our entire body and feel the electromagnetic connection that our body has with the Field; the currents-vibrations of the earth and the cosmos that connect us all together , we have opened ourselves to endless possibilities and endless divine potentials.  

The key to unlocking the mysteries of our being, the magic of our soul, the beauty of our Heart, our psychic abilities, accessing our intuition and embodying our full divine potential is in Feeling all our body sensations and all our emotions which are linked to our body sensations. When we feel and embody all of us , all our pain, all our traumas, insecurities, uncomfortable sensations, we will open ourselves to the portals that exist within our body to our Divine Selves. 

The more we Feel at all levels, all that we are, the more we will know who we are and as a result the more we Love ourselves. The deeper we feel the Body, the deeper we get to know and Love ourselves. 

Our Body is literally a Portal to our Divine Self. When we feel our sensations in our body , we are feeling the surface level vibrations. These surface level vibrations could be tension, tingling, pain, numbness, soreness, heaviness, tightness, and etc 

As we feel those vibrations, meaning simply being with them in full surrender, not trying to change them, relaxing into them, they are disseminating,  gradually we enter the deeper vibrations which are underneath the surface vibrations and we gradually feel the subtle-divine vibrations within them. We are activating Or liberating ,the essence, the core vibrations of our being that in some way were locked within or covered by the other layers’ vibrations. 

-underneath the surface level vibrations there are emotions linked to those sensations such as fear, guilt, anger, sadness, shame,  which are connected to certain memories from childhood or past lives. Situations are like the feeling of being chained down, being stuck, your wings tied up. Not all the emotions are negative, usually the positive memories are buried underneath the negative ones. As we do this practice we remember good memories of our childhood and past lives which are connected to our spiritual gifts, our unique soul vibration. It is not necessary to remember memories in order to purify our kundalini channel , however when we remember the memories it is great since we open up ourselves to our soul gifts, talents , psychic abilities , the eternal joy and divine love that we hold within our being.      

That leads us to purify and open up our chakra system, activate them, and feel the pure life force energy, our sexual energy, circulating through our energy channel. We feel the subtle vibration of the life force throughout our body and between ours and the universal energy field.  

When we feel the circulation of the life force as an electromagnetic charge throughout our body and between our etheric body and others’ etheric bodies in the universe we can start the process of embodying our avatar-divine bodies within our physical bodies. Everything we see around us have unique subtle vibrations codes specific to them and at the same time connected to the universal electromagnetic current, everything we don’t see like beings from other realities they vibrate in certain frequencies and connected to the cosmic electromagnetic current as well. When we feel these subtle vibrations we can attune our frequency to other frequencies.  In a way by connecting to other beings electromagnetic charge we are already downloading and exchanging our frequencies with each other . We can see these divine energies and beings as a part of our own soul group consciousness, or a part of a bigger soul group we are essentially part of, we are expanding our consciousness by integrating, reuniting with different divine aspect of our soul-consciousness

As I explained in detail in “the intimacy in the age of crystal races” article. The full merge will happen when we are in full intimacy with another. 

-When our etheric body merges with another in the full vibration of love, when we are one with them like two eternal lovers and feel the love and orgasmic frequency circulating between the two etheric bodies. 

Here by others I mean The essence of Earth, Trees, Rivers, Mystical beings such as Dragons, faeries, the Sacred Deities, and so on which could be seen as aspects of our own consciousness.

The same way when we are in full physical intimacy with someone who we love and receive love mutually, and our energy fields merge and our kundalini energy elevates to higher chakras and we experience the state of oneness with another. To experience this state with another human we still need to awaken our sensitivity to subtle vibrations and open our kundalini channel to circulation of Chi.

The etheric body is one of our subtle bodies that vibrate in a different frequency than our physical body, it is not separated from our body, in fact it is a deeper vibration of our being integrated within the body– it is not our core essence, it is not the vibration exist in the center of our being, when we are in the center vibration we are united with the source, we don’t need anything else , we don’t desire anything else, we are not aware of anything else than the state we are in. Although it is very helpful to experience this state while we are here on earth to understand who we are at the core, staying in this state is not that helpful since we are here on earth specifically at this time to experience, grow, inspire, create, innovate and build things that are helpful for the present and the future of humanity. As the earth frequency is shifting we need more and more people who are awakened to their divine potentials and people who inspire and actively help others to do so. People who are engaged in the material world and don’t separate the spiritual from the material world.      

There are practical exercises we can do everyday to awaken our sensitivity to subtle energies within us and around us. I will have them in full detail in my book and upcoming courses. 


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