Bahar Ida is an innovative-utopian artist, Vedic text enthusiast, researcher, a seer, an intuitive vessel of the energies influencing the shift in the earth’s frequencies leading to the heavenly vibrations propelling us to the age of Crystal Races. She is the founder of Temple of Crystal Races in Taos, New Mexico- an art gallery and spiritual events space dedicated to sacred feminine art and the energies of the New Golden age on earth.

She receives visions of the Satya Yuga, the Solar dynasty of earth and of her ancestors, who came to earth a long time ago and initiated the master creation of ancient spiritual structures. She exuberantly shares her visions of the previous and the forthcoming Golden age of earth through her art, writings and workshops. She describes how the New golden age would be in terms of consciousness, lifestyle, food, education, intimacy and How we humans can manifest this into our reality. She channels, and grounds these soft vibrations into her art . She works with evolved crystal races who are divine beings with soft vibrational energy related to each crystal.

She is both a student and a teacher, passionate about inspiring those around her in their evolution.  She has gone through her own spiritual journey, lessons, challenges, and hardships in order to grow and develop self-love and compassion for herself and others. She empathizes and feels everyone deeply and desires to see them free, liberated in their full spiritual power.

She helps questers by innovative practical methods such as unfolding their purest form of sensuality, awakening their sensitivity to subtle vibrations and full energetic merge with their etheric inner lovers; so they can embody their divine essence, their inner avatar bodies to ascend and manifest a new golden age on earth.

She uses her art, alchemized crystals and crystal technology in her workshops and private sessions in order to transmit the golden vibrations of Satya Yuga and helps the participants to unfold their inner divine qualities within their body and consciousness. along with cleansing their kundalini channel and merging them with their etheric inner lovers.

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