Another integral step toward embodiment of our avatar bodies


One of the very important steps towards embodying our avatar bodies is embracing our earthly existence, and the body we have been given in this life. In the previous article I mostly focused on embracing the five senses and expanded-sensory perspective of our outside world and its relation to the internal world. In this article I will focus on the internal senses and feelings. 

When we talk about “embracing Body”, it means feeling all our bodily sensations, emotions and memories which are linked to the sensations and stored in our cellular body. By feeling all our sensations and emotions stored in the body we will eventually feel the subtle vibrations of the life force circulating within us – which is a key step in order to Embody our Avatar Bodies and our full divine potential. There are techniques that can help us achieve this faster. Circulation of kundalini-life force purifies our body, mind and energy field. It will remove all the blockages we might have from social norms and conditioning, trauma and pain.  When we open our kundalini channel to circulation of pure sexual energy within our entire body and feel the electromagnetic connection that our body has with the Field; the currents-vibrations of the earth and the cosmos that connect us all together , we have opened ourselves to endless possibilities and endless divine potentials.  



All inventions started with a vision, an imagination, a dream. In fact when we imagine something it means it already exists in our Group consciousness. Maybe it’s not yet in a tangible form or manifested in our physical reality, BUT in higher realms of mind of human consciousness, it already exists.

Before cellphones were created, people started to imagine it’s existence. They spoke of a phone which we can carry in our pockets. Leonardo Da Vinci predicted several inventions via his sketches  before their flying machines, helicopters and clocks.

That is the power of imagination. Without imagination, nothing would come to existence. The more people imagine a heaven on earth, the quicker we are going to manifest that.

What does having a spiritual experience mean. ARE we going to have such a concept as Spirituality in the Future.

the Other interpretation of Vesica Piscis and its relationship to Jesus.

Having a spiritual experience is when we have an expanded sensory perspective of something. Viewing, seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling something in its full spectrum, in its Depth, in its wholeness. Embracing not only the surface level, but at the same time experiencing the deeper layers of matter which is spirit.

When we are having a spiritual experience, it means our perspective, perception and spectrum has changed and expanded. We are more aware and sensitive to what is happening at that moment. All our sensory experiences have deepened. Life has not changed but our perception has. We are having a wholesome experience.

However these momentary experiences still do not put us in the state of transcendence or full spiritual awakening. Full spiritual awakening implies full alignment of matter and spirit in all aspects of life. Full alignment of matter and spirit in all our chakras. An Expanded view-perception on all matters of life. When we have developed enough expansion of view, we will see things, as not separated but as interconnected, as One ,as reflections of ourselves, as aspects of ourselves. We can think of this as being in a state of ONENESS.

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My blog is about the frequent experiences I have with etheric realm of magic and mystery interwoven with our physical world,my journey to the realm of heart,my experiences of deep orgasmic connection, intimacy and love with aspects of my own soul, my inner lover(s) and other beings of high vibrations, who I perceive as expansive aspect of my own consciousness,the realms I see and connect to energetically through deep listening, through my whole body and sensitivity to subtle energies, through portals of heart, womb, inner eye and every single cell,the...

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I trace the beginning of my current spiritual awakening to 2015 when I was introduced to White tantric/Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. My regular practice of Kundalini yoga and associated breathing exercises gave me an understanding of the ways of “energy flow” and opened my “Kundalini channel”. From 2015 to 2018, I explored various healing modalities and meditation techniques such as Chi gong and Vipassana as well as worked with shamans and plant medicines. Chi-gong further enhanced my understanding of the ‘energy flow”. Vipassana taught me that every...

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