Another integral step toward embodiment of our avatar bodies

One of the very important steps towards embodying our avatar bodies is embracing our earthly existence, and the body we have been given in this life. In the previous article I mostly focused on embracing the five senses and expanded-sensory perspective of our outside world and its relation to the internal world. In this article I will focus on the internal senses and feelings. 

When we talk about “embracing Body”, it means feeling all our bodily sensations, emotions and memories which are linked to the sensations and stored in our cellular body. By feeling all our sensations and emotions stored in the body we will eventually feel the subtle vibrations of the life force circulating within us – which is a key step in order to Embody our Avatar Bodies and our full divine potential. There are techniques that can help us achieve this faster. Circulation of kundalini-life force purifies our body, mind and energy field. It will remove all the blockages we might have from social norms and conditioning, trauma and pain.  When we open our kundalini channel to circulation of pure sexual energy within our entire body and feel the electromagnetic connection that our body has with the Field; the currents-vibrations of the earth and the cosmos that connect us all together , we have opened ourselves to endless possibilities and endless divine potentials.  


All inventions started with a vision, an imagination, a dream. In fact when we imagine something it means it already exists in our Group consciousness. Maybe it’s not yet in a tangible form or manifested in our physical reality, BUT in higher realms of mind of human consciousness, it already exists.

Before cellphones were created, people started to imagine it’s existence. They spoke of a phone which we can carry in our pockets. Leonardo Da Vinci predicted several inventions via his sketches  before their flying machines, helicopters and clocks.

That is the power of imagination. Without imagination, nothing would come to existence. The more people imagine a heaven on earth, the quicker we are going to manifest that.

What does having a spiritual experience mean. ARE we going to have such a concept as Spirituality in the Future.

Having a spiritual experience is when we have an expanded sensory perspective of something. Viewing, seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling something in its full spectrum, in its Depth, in its wholeness. Embracing not only the surface level, but at the same time experiencing the deeper layers of matter which is spirit.

When we are having a spiritual experience, it means our perspective, perception and spectrum has changed and expanded. We are more aware and sensitive to what is happening at that moment. All our sensory experiences have deepened. Life has not changed but our perception has. We are having a wholesome experience.

However these momentary experiences still do not put us in the state of transcendence or full spiritual awakening. Full spiritual awakening implies full alignment of matter and spirit in all aspects of life. Full alignment of matter and spirit in all our chakras. An Expanded view-perception on all matters of life. When we have developed enough expansion of view, we will see things, as not separated but as interconnected, as One ,as reflections of ourselves, as aspects of ourselves. We can think of this as being in a state of ONENESS.

What is the First Step to Embody our Avatar Body-

One of the first steps to embodying our Avatar body is to believe that we are inherently Divine and eternally loved. To be receptive to the idea that we are not separated or less than the great avatars and divine beings that have existed on Earth or other dimension. Examples of such avatars are Krishna, Rama, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, mother Mary, Quin yin, Buddha, and so on. When we open our heart and mind to the idea that everything in this universe is a part of us, and an aspect of our consciousness, we open ourselves to embody our avatar bodies , our divine selves, while we live in our body on earth.

I would like to start with the story of Mansour Hallaj who was a Persian mystic poet and a teacher of sufism. He is best known for his saying “I am the Truth” or “ I am God” . As you may know people at his time didn’t grasp what he meant by that, they took his word as an anti-god , atheist statement, which resulted in his execution. However He was only claiming his divinity by saying that statement.  

What does an Avatar mean in post Vedic Literature? What do I mean by Avatar bodies?

According to  “A Sanskrit-English Dictionary” by Monier Williams, the Sanskrit word Avatar means “descent, alight” [1] and refers to the embodiment of the essence of a superhuman being, a deity, or a divine energy and essence in the physical form. The word also implies “to bring down, to cross something”[1]. In Hindu traditions, the “crossing or coming down” is symbolism, as stated by Daniel Bassuk, of the divine descent, from “eternity into the temporal realm, from unconditioned to the conditioned, from infinitude to finitude”.[2]

A deity or god is a supernatural being considered divine or sacred. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines deity as “a god or goddess (in a polytheistic religion)”, or anything revered as divine.

One school of researchers believe that the term avatar in Hinduism refers to the act of various gods taking form to perform a particular task, which in most of the times is bringing dharma back. According to Mercy Amba Oduyoye [3], an avatar is the material appearance or incarnation of a deity on earth. Then there are others that disagree. Noel Sheth in “Hindu Avatāra and Christian Incarnation: A Comparison”[4] states that Avatars are true embodiments of spiritual perfection, one driven by noble goals, as we can see in Hindu traditions such as Vaishnavism. An avatar state is the supreme manifestation of the divine in a physical body.


Apas means Waters; the deity of water in the Holy Vedas. ‘She gives heroic inner strength through purity and softness. It activates our creative juices & skills to attain success. Embodying Apas energy allows us to be an appealing powerful popular leader. Our strength and flexibility helps us to overcome any obstacles. It gives us desire and will to merge with the greater power of the cosmic ocean . it brings us heavenly health & joy.’ 1

1  27 Stars, 27 Gods: The Astrological Mythology of Ancient India, DICARA, VIC; KISHOR, VRAJA

In this painting, the source of the divine water is inside her womb. This source represents the self-replenishing Soma, Amrita, which is the source of life, pure energy of yin. The waters in their etheric sense is the pure divine energy flowing from the source giving life and purity to everything and everyone who has opened their chi channel to receive it.

The deities from the Vedas are natural forces, they are beyond form or any race or EVEN any celestial race, they are universal/galactic forces that existed before the existence of any race in the universe. 

Lover Archetype

As someone, for whom the lover archetype has been one of the strongest archetypes for my entire life, I really feel excited to share my viewpoint on it. 

I will start by quoting Euvie Ivanova in the Future Thinkers podcast( on “The Lover- Feminine Archetype of Love, Beauty & Creativity”

‘Lover archetype in her fullest , she wants to live her life fully, she wants to experience everything deeply and intensely, passionately and giving it all, she enjoys life in its full extend,  it is very pure, it is not pathological , lover in her fullest wants to connect to people deeply, have deep intimacy and being in companionship with others, she wants to explore , it is very playful, innocent, she has n’t become jaded by the social norms yet by repression, by other people’s ideas about how a young woman’s sexuality should be like, she is still in the exploration phase. The energy of the lover is very expansive, she does n’t have strong boundaries, she does n’t care about boundaries, more expression, more feeling, more joy, more beauty. It is very open, unconditional, unboundarious. it is about mutual fun, enjoyment and exploration. Sexual energy is the same as creative energy, people with embodiment of the lover archetype are very creative people, they are artists and creators. they are great inspirations for the one who they connect deeply with, encouraging them to do great things’

I really resonate with it. It’s pretty precise.  I would like to expand on this explanation based on my own personal experience and understanding of the Lover Archetype. 

Embodying the lover archetype in the fullest, you will embody your most soft, sensual, beautiful Nature which is open and vulnerable to explore and connect to others on a very deep level. You will be innocent and playful in heart, mind and action. Being innocent is not the same as being naive. Innocence is our soul wisdom. Being innocent means that Your heart has kept its purity and it has not been jaded by society’s concept of love and relationship, no matter how old you are. You want the best for the ones you connect to. You want to see their hearts, open and happy. You want to see them liberated and free. The lover, in her fullest expression, will awaken her partner into their divine quality. She is the channel for her lover to divine frequencies and love. Since she has already embodied or is in the process of embodiment of all these higher frequencies and eternal love. She energetically inspires her partner to his greatness, and his full soul potential. The embodiment of the lover archetype makes her a great manifesters. She knows how to use sexual energy to manifest her soul dreams and visions.

Intimacy In the Age of Crystal Races

What is intimacy? According to the English dictionary, intimacy means closeness.

Intimacy can have so many different levels,  … some people might consider the physical act of sexual intercourse as intimacy, where the bodies are close. A little deeper level of intimacy is when the minds of two people are close as well, and even deeper than that is when the souls are close -like soulmate and twin flame relationships. These relationships are where souls that come from the same source or are of the same soul group, are reunited.  In these relationships we feel our whole being and our essence is revealed.

Many of us know that All our experiences on the outside are the reflection of our inner world. When we are intimate with ourselves, in all the three aspects, the body, the mind and the soul. Only then can we attract these deeper levels of intimacy into our life.  We need to start from intimacy within ourselves. How intimate, HOW close we are, with our own soul, body and mind. Have we seen all who we are? We need to know, to what depths, we have seen ourselves in.

My Dream of Goddess Durga

I am running away, while chased by a coyote. I get to a dead end path. Suddenly a lion shows up as my protector. She is next to me. I feel safe. There is no more coyote.

next scene,

I am in a house of a goddess, a wise woman. I am sitting on the ground, naked, while my yoni is touching the earth. It feels warm. the vibration of the earth is coming through me.  Her hands are on my back, giving me a very gentle, sensual massage while telling me that I am a plant – nature communicator. “you should communicate with plant spirits, help them and they mutually help you in your life.” While talking, she turns into a baby. I am touching her baby foot. It is soft like my red silk nightwear. Like wild Little Lilies.

next scene,

my eyes are open, merging with his eyes. I kiss him and tell him about my dream. He tells me you dreamt of Durga.

She is Durga, the protective mother goddess, a warrior goddess riding a lion, appearing in dreams as a fearsome lion a symbol for feminine power and strength, a beautiful sensual goddess, a symbol for feminine beauty and wisdom and a gentle soft baby, a symbol for feminine flexibility, softness, rebirth and resurrection.  She roars and “unleashes anger against wrong, the dark forces for liberation and destruction to empower creation.” She is both sensual and fearsome.

Butterfly Orgasm

It is past midnight. I’m Lying in the bed spooning my partner Deepayan’s back. my womb touching his spine as he sleeps. My cosmic friend, Rachel, who had come to visit me for the weekend is in the living room with her boyfriend. Whenever I meet her, time stops, we see shooting stars together and there is so much magic in the air.  In this lifetime, I ‘ve known her since summer solstice 2015.

I am still feeling the energy created by our sweet deep conversations at the dinner table. Deepayan, I and Rachel had many conversations about all my favorite subjects; New Earth, alternative economy, alternative architecture, and communities, organic farms, permaculture, cryptocurrency, creation, god, black holes, how Deepayan and I met and so on. I am feeling that these conversations opened me up to many portals.  And I am still strongly feeling Rachel’s beautiful energy around me. Feeling all these powerful energies around me does not let me sleep.

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