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“Enchantment of The Feminine Heart For New Earth” is an art project and a part of my vision of the New Earth.

This is my attempt at restoring the “missing” role of the sacred feminine in history, particularly in relation to religious practices. I couldn’t agree more with Nancy Qualls-Corbett as she explores the loss of reverence for goddess over time.

 “With the advent of patriarchal religion and the consequent loss of reverence for the goddess, the conscious development of women was significantly blocked. Slowly she began to worship gods made by men; the values of the men became their values; the attitudes of men to justify the subordination of women have become their values. The loss of the relationship with the goddess led to the adoption of masculine characteristics. Femininity was occupied by feminism, and, the pursuit of equal rights distorted to a match with the male nature.”

-Nancy Qualls-Corbett

The Sacred Prostitute: The Eternal Feminine Face (Mar 1988)

The project consists of choreographed group and individual photography of “the sacred feminine” depicting

  • her connection to mystery, sensuality, connection to earth and spirit realm
  • her chaotic and wild nature
  • womb awakening, priestesshood, sacred sisterhood
  • surrendering of the heart as the primary portal for true connection to the spirit realm,
  • her connection to elementals, star-beings,
  • multi-dimensionality,
  • her tantric relationship with the earth,
  • deep intimacy and love with “her  self” and other elements of the universe,
  • regaining her lost dignity,
  • reconnection to innocence
  • sexual liberation,
  • sacredness of body,
  • embodiment of  divinity in  flesh.

A Little About My Background and Why I Am Doing This Project

I grew up in male dominated Iran, a country ruled by Islamic dictatorship headed by “Rahbar”- the supreme leader and his clergy, the Ayatollahs. This regime holds on to power by taking away human dignity and divinity from the people and giving the power and divinity to specific males who claim to be descendants of male prophets.  This system of control suppresses the feminine, sensuality and sexual freedom, true intimacy and love. It crushes self-esteem, sovereignty. This system robs people of their “innocence” by convincing them that they are born in sin and guilt and their only chance at “redemption” is via blindly following the clergy’s dictats.

As a sensitive soul growing in Iran, at a very young age I was adversely affected by the religious dogmas restricting my flow of energy. I absorbed the feelings of shame and guilt and learnt to protect myself by hiding. It took years of healing and revelation to “own” my feminine power and realize that “human beings are divine in flesh, right now! here!”. 
After graduating from the University of Florida, I travelled and explored my feminine aspects. I spent a lot of time in isolation, meditation and research on Feminine Goddess archetype. This led to a new series of work related to my awakening to the feminine self reflected by deep connection to earth and journey to the realm of Heart. 

In my recent work I am ractifying the ballant omission of the “sacred feminine” from socio-religious texts of patriarchal systems such as Islam and Christianity. I am challenging the exclusive depiction of “males” as divine figures. I am challenging the notion in these texts that sexuality is in contradiction to divinity for example in order for Mother Mary to be divine, she had to give a virgin birth. I address the rise of the sacred feminine from the dark, old, traditional, religious society of Iran.  In my work, the “old” is represented by the Persian miniatures of mosques, ayatollahs , bazars,  male prophets and legends, and the “sacred faminine” by recent “photographic portraits”

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What is my blog page about?

My blog is about the frequent experiences I have with

  • etheric realm of magic and mystery interwoven with our physical world,
  • my journey to the realm of heart,
  • my experiences of deep orgasmic connection, intimacy and love with aspects of my own soul, my inner lover(s) and other beings of high vibrations, who I perceive as expansive aspect of my own consciousness,
  • the realms I see and connect to energetically through deep listening, through my whole body and sensitivity to subtle energies, through portals of heart, womb, inner eye and every single cell,
  • the realms of angels, star-beings, elementals and earth.

About me

I trace the beginning of my current spiritual awakening to 2015 when I was introduced to White tantric/Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. My regular practice of Kundalini yoga and associated breathing exercises gave me an understanding of the ways of “energy flow” and opened my “Kundalini channel”. From 2015 to 2018, I explored various healing modalities and meditation techniques such as Chi gong and Vipassana as well as worked with shamans and plant medicines. Chi-gong further enhanced my understanding of the ‘energy flow”. Vipassana taught me that every single cell in my body is a portal to higher dimension and each cell carries information which I can access by travelling to and focusing deeply. This technique helped me to connect to my body in a much deeper level than I had experienced before. I experienced the first full dissolution of my being into the source energy during one of the Vipassana meditation sessions. The plant medicine of central America, Ayahuasca, taught me immensely of the Mother source’s love and help me in my journey of self-love. I connected with  powerful feminine shamans in these Ayahuasca ceremonies. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit numerous destinations associated with feminine energy and the goddess including the Goddess Temple of ashland and ISIS sanctuary in Napa valley.


The second phase of this spiritual journey began towards the end of 2017 when I retreated to isolation and deep contemplation. I meditated to heal myself in the quiet beautiful expanses of my own energetic aura and explore my inner realms. I spent time in nature, integrating all the knowledge I had received during the previous years.

I learnt to use my sexual kundalini energy to connect deeply to my body, soul and trans-dimensional beings.  I connected to the energy of the earth very deeply. I connected to elementals, stars, extraterrestrials and crystals as well as beings and civilizations associated to specific crystals. I connected to archetypal energies of goddesses such as Isis and Ishtar. I connected to angels and my guides who I found to be an extension of my consciousness. I experienced pure orgasmic states of love. I experienced dissolution of my being into the source energy and the deep intimacy and love with all forms of existence.

I learnt that during meditation I deeply feel the subtle energies and vibrations outside as well as inside my body. I feel them in my womb, my chest, my belly and my forehead. I realized that my whole body is a portal to higher dimensions, and during meditation, through my body a whole world of portals opens up for me. I travel through them and receive information and remember past and parallel lives and memories. I become aware of alternate realms existing simultaneously within the physical realm. When I gradually enter the state of full surrender, my whole body transforms to a channel for energy to flow, waves of energy passing through me until I dissolve into timeless vibrations of love.
I learnt to attune to alternate frequencies and experience myself as a plant, a seed, a tree or a river. I learnt to open my heart and listen deeply, with my whole body, to these subtle frequencies. By deep listening, in full surrender, my frequency gets attuned to theirs and gradually my form, in the energetic level, transmutes, allowing me to experience the magic and mystery of being a tree or a faery. Their memories unfold and reveal themselves to me. I receive visions, while I am feeling what is felt by a tree. I remember memories of being a mermaid in the ocean, of being a faery in the woods, or me in my pre-born state, experiencing ecstatic orgasmic waves of love in the womb of Mother source.

When I am in nature and connected to the beautiful earth goddess with streams of her energy passing through me I feel my womb is “one” with her. It feels like my womb is plugged into her, an extension of her. I feel all the earth’s magic and mystery, underground roots of trees, elemental beings all in my womb. I experience the magical homes of elemental beings in the interwoven bumpy roots of ancient trees in the dark cold of the underground. I feel the soft beautiful energies of the star-guardians of the land, lakes, trees, heart of the swan and the ancient dragons. They open my heart to love.

Surrendering to the Earth Goddess’s love reactivates deeply engraved memories of love inside my body. As I receive her fully, I travel deep into the most joyful orgasmic state.Nothing surpasses this state of joy. I feel as her daughter, in her service, created by her, from her soft elements.When the earth’s energy flows through me and travels from root reaching my crown chakra going up to the stars, my ethereal body transforms. I experience becoming an etheric beautiful swan, a dragon, or a phoenix, a star-being so much in love with my beauty and power. In love with every single cell of the body and making love to one’s own essence.  

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