We start the session with talking and sharing.  As we share, I attune myself to your energy field, to figure out the blockages in your sexual, kundalini energy that is getting in the way of you embodying your sacred sensuality. We will learn what you need in order to embody your divine sensual self. I will give you insights into your sensuality. We will connect to Mohini’s etheric Body and the Goddess Venus in a journey in the spirit realm. I will do a prayer involving visualization techniques, connecting the spirit realms, angels, ancestors, or any divine beings who come forward. We will see, feel and realize you in the full embodiment of your divine sensuality and power with full circulation of pure kundalini energy within your body and energy field.  We will open the way for you to embody your Mohini avatar.


In addition to what I do in the one hour sessions we will go on a journey together, through guided meditation, entering the spirit realm to heal and embody your divine sensuality. Each session differs as everyone needs a different journey .We will go with them in accordance with what the spirits guide us. You will also learn how to perform this technique yourselves. The insights we will receive depends on what you need. By embodying your sensuality you will open yourselves to your other spiritual gifts and talents that you inherently have. For example, your sensuality might be integrated with your power, or it comes with your compassion and your capacity to unfold divine love, or your psychic abilities. By opening yourself to your sensuality you are opening yourself to your authentic self.  

If we do a session in person we will use an alchemized crystal activated by divine energies to help you in the process of removing the blockages and a crystal to help you embody new energy that you need in order to manifest your dream lover.

These sessions are intuitive sessions, for everyone will be slightly different based on what the Spirit will communicate and what messages come through.

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