Embark the journey of embodying your avatar bodies -Walk on Earth in fullest embodiment of your Divine Being

$99 - $170

Avatars of the age of crystal races are sacred deities from the Vedas. They are highly spiritually developed star-beings and vibrational light beings that I have been channeling. I am in the journey of grounding their frequencies into my art and here on earth. These Avatars  delicately and intuitively couple with specific crystals that match their vibrations along with exactly what you need from them right now.

How Do I choose the avatar energy that best works for your current spiritual evolution?

I connect to your energy field and intuitively feel what you need. What avatar energy would help you at this time the most, in your spiritual journey. There is a questionnaire below , please fill it up and attach a photo of you. That helps me understand more about you, and what would help you.

I will meditate with your responses and likeness, while channeling what comes through me intuitively in messages received from my guides,  your higher self and mine and the Spirit. I choose the avatar energy and the crystal that would help you the best at this time. You will start the journey of embodiment and unfolding that avatar’s divine aspect in you.

What are you going to receive?

You will receive an avatar art , 11 x 14 inch Gilcee print on archival paper, along with a medium to large size crystal- (size depends on the price and availability of that crystal in the market), a complete written guide on how to use, activate and meditate with them, a complete written explanatory text about that specific avatar energy and its twin crystal. and a personal message that I have channeled specific for you that would help you in your journey.

This crystal has been activated by the divine energy of that avatar, angels and the spirit realm.  you will receive a complete written text about how to cleanse and activate the crystal ,  a complete instruction to how to daily meditate with them and embody that divine energy within your energy field and body. BELOW at “Ways and rituals to use a sacred avatar art and its twin crystalI” I HAVE MORE DETAILED explanation OF WHAT INSTRUCTIONS YOU WILL RECEIVE .

How having sacred Avatar art twined with its crystal will help you?

Each of this divine avatar art has a certain divine frequency that came through me while painting them. These are the frequencies that come to earth while earth’s energetic frequency is shifting and we move to New Satya Yuga. These divine frequencies will start working with you, the moment you receive the art and the crystal. Also you will be able to FULLY embody these divine aspects within your consciousness and physical body by journeying through the guided meditations and practices which I send you along with the art and crystal.  You will walk on earth as a more integrated divine being. A being who has integrated their unique divine – avatar aspect within their physical body while living on earth. you will also open up to more self -love and sensuality in general by working with these energies and embodying your divine aspects. The more you open up to your divine beauties and qualities, the more love will be UNFOLDED into your being.

Ways and rituals to use a sacred avatar art and its twin crystal

Daily meditation Ritual – you will be able to embody the specific Avatar-Divine energy within your consciousness and physical body by the listed meditations below

  • Inner Lover guided meditation -merge with your etheric avatar inner lover
  • Inner child guided meditation -deeply connecting to your inner child which is your essence, your innocence and love and playing with your avatar body
  • chakra cleansing meditation- sexual energy activation and kundalini channel purification
  • communicating with your heart meditation-receiving messages from your Heart/ soul

How to cleanse and activate your crystal daily with the avatar energy.

How to use the crystal as A portal while you’re meditating with your Divine avatar

Daily altar ritual- How to do a daily ritual with the sacred avatar art and its crystal in our alter

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