-The Age Of Crystal Races” is an interactive -visionary art exhibition to be held in Joshua Tree, CA in the Fall of 2021. This art project is inspired by the Vedic concepts of TIME, which describes how our universe traverses in an endless recurring cycle and predicts, in our near future,  the rebirth of Satya Yuga – “the golden age of truth” .

This project encapsulated my vision and understanding of this Rebirth of the Satya where I see us completely embodying our divine qualities which I believe could be called our Avatar Bodies

In this exhibition we will get to know the major energies influencing earth and propelling us to the Satya age. We will experience manifestation of these energies in human form, in avatar bodies and get a feel of how people, in this new age of “Satya”, embodying these energies of this Golden era, might look like; their state of consciousness, their temples, their symbols, their technology and their clothing.  

This exhibition is my attempt to give us an inspirational preview of this age via paintings, oracle cards, writings, audio, and interactive installations. 

I desire to make you step into your avatar body through live interactive performances and workshops.

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